John Paciorek’s Book: If I Knew Then What I Know Now – Preface and Prelude

Following the Preface, the Prelude includes the CBS Special about Paciorek – Go to Link!

A New Story Begins!
As I look back, in my seventy-third year, I have come to recognize that I could have felt differently about all my life’s experiences. Would I be in a better place today if I had not (over)reacted to every little episode in my life’s struggle? I now sense that I always had an inherent right to experience my life story in the way that I wanted it to be. I realize that I could have lived with an uncommon understanding that I do “create my own reality.” Instead of the irritation I felt toward the impositions that my life encountered, I now know that those perceived obstacles were merely self-imposed challenges that were testing my mind’s resolve. They should have been catalyzing agents to foster the conscious deployment of new ideas through my ever-expanding thought. They could have directed me upon that joyful path I more likely would have preferred. An endless search for a lifetime of peaceful coexistence with myself and the world, I would have co-conspired to create and establish. A joyous living experience might still be realized, and perhaps in a setting not unfamiliar to my present habitation and current perception! Join with me now in a reconstruction of an old adventure—the new purpose of which might be to inspire, in the mind of every reader, the recognition that hope lost can always be revived in the childlike imagination of those individuals not yet adulterated, nor easily discouraged, by the ravages of tragedy or disappointment. If you are hanging on from the lowest rung of a suspended ladder, where else would you go but up? But more than out of sheer necessity, you can climb with joy the “heights of mind” and rest your volatile emotions, or mutable human circumstances, in the tranquil state of a consistently inspired dream. It is with these ideas that I present in this book a new story—one that I have imagined did take place in lieu of my history’s less-than-desirable past. It is one more acceptable, not to the vanity of any former age, but to my heart’s credible new age longing to be in concert with my mind’s exhaustless intent to be—at each succeeding moment—the “best I can be”: perfect in spirit, mind, body—life’s perpetual/universal leading-edge demand of self.

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