Thinking Is; or Is it Not?

Einstein 2


THINKING the conscious application of

Unceasing Prayer, initiated by the curious Observation of a thing Whose origin and Unaccountable presence elicits the Wisdom That Omniscient Understanding disperses

To the ears and eyes of those who seek to Know?

“Ye shall Know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free.”—Jesus

Thinking cannot change the strong current emanating from Good.

Good thoughts conceive in Mind, and the Idea germinating in that

Original conception manifests itself to be perceived.

Upon perception, Thinking cognizes things, and resolves them into

Thoughts, either as objects of sense or Ideas of Soul.

As objects of sense, presumably they can be perceived as either

Good or bad; but as Ideas of Soul, they are Known only for their

Good Essence.Baseball - Jesus


Coming: To Think, or Not to Think?

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