If I Knew Then What I Know Now! – Book by John Paciorek

Since my Publisher listed the price of my new 414-page book at $56.00, I would suspect that many people would hesitate buying it, even if it were Pulitzer Prize quality. Therefore I will present it to you in succeeding chapters until the 53 chapters and Postscript have been posted, one chapter at a time. If at any time during your reading, you feel compelled to buy The Book, you can probably purchase it at your local bookstore and Amazon, or you can request purchase directly from me, for an autographed copy.

To begin posting, I’ll let you take a gander at the Cover, as well as the Table of Contents. The next Post will include the Foreword and Preface. Happy Reading!


Chapter 1: Beginning at the End
Chapter 2: The Old Story
Chapter 3: Circuitous Path to Glory
Chapter 4: One Glorious Day?
Chapter 5: Postgame Highlights
Chapter 6: Home: Sweet—Home?
Chapter 7: New Revelations
Chapter 8: Respite and Reevaluation
Chapter 9: A New Perspective
Chapter 10: New Applications?
Chapter 11: Adam Dream
Chapter 12: Progress: Greatly Enhanced Understanding
Chapter 13: Order of Reconstruction
Chapter 14: First Application of Principle
Chapter 15: From Light to Darkness, Then Light Again!
Chapter 16: Myths and Legends
Chapter 17: A Legend Is Revived
Chapter 18: New Hope
Chapter 19: Good Feelings
Chapter 20: Practice: Perfect!
Chapter 21: Setting the Example
Chapter 22: Appreciation (Past, Present, Future)
Chapter 23: Unexpected Joy
Chapter 24: Expectant Good
Chapter 25: Preparation for Consistency

Chapter 26: Good First Game—Fun!
Chapter 27: Even Higher Expectations
Chapter 28: Abiding within the Principle
Chapter 29: Step by Step, Line upon Line, Precept after Precept!
Chapter 30: Individual and Collective Success
Chapter 31: Every Aspect of the Game
Chapter 32: Adjusting to the Circumstances
Chapter 33: What Have You Done for Me Lately?
Chapter 34: Seek First …
Chapter 35: Closeness to Perfection
Chapter 36: Ready to “Face the Enemy”
Chapter 37: Let the Real Games Begin!
Chapter 38: Improve on Perfection?
Chapter 39: We’re Off to See The Mick
Chapter 40: “The Mick”: As Good as They Get
Chapter 41: One “Minor” Setback
Chapter 42: Cause for Concern?
Chapter 43: Rescued!
Chapter 44: First Night Game
Chapter 45: Einstein’s “Home Run” Principle
Chapter 46: Deliberate Home Run Hitter?
Chapter 47: Give It My Best Shot
Chapter 48: Quick Reflexes = High-Vibrational Frequency
Chapter 49: Penultimate—Leading to the Ultimate
Chapter 50: Can It Get Any Better?
Chapter 51: From Where Does the Power Really Come?
Chapter 52: The Grand Finale
Chapter 53: Getting Real!


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