New Book by John F. Paciorek – If I Knew Then What I Know Now!

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I haven’t had time to post any new articles on my website since last February (2016)because I’ve been too busy writing a New Book entitled, If I knew Then What I know Now. It would have to be considered as an “Auto-Biographical Fiction.”

Until the Book is published, I’m providing my readers with excerpts that hint at the Book’s content. I hope that by reading the excerpts, your minds will be stimulated to a desire to read the Book in its entirety.

I think most people will thoroughly enjoy it, while others will enjoy various portions, and yet others might find it difficult to grasp various metaphysical aspects of it. I hope only a few fit into that last category.

From John Paciorek:

“The Future is the only perpetuation of Time; but NOW is the constantly new exemption from Time’s past!

It might seem unfortunate that it had to take more than 50 years to accrue Life’s valuable lessons; and then presume little time remaining to take advantage of the wisdom that would certainly be found to give beneficial service to the days of youth.

… it now seems that a personally satisfying account, not only of what could have been, but of what can be, is a new prospect only to be explored presently in the mind’s incredible realm of imagination.

I now sense that I always had an inherent right to experience my Life-Story in the way that I wanted it to be. I realize that I could have lived with an uncommon understanding that I do create my own reality.

The joy of first-time Big-League experience is the fulfillment of countless childhood dreams, imagining glorified moments of grandeur.

Baseball is an endearing and enduring embodiment of the fabric of Life’s Journey, with a perpetually New Beginning. The indigenous character and homespun heritage of our country’s National Pastime foster the innovative and evolutionary qualities of America.

Baseball’s enduring attributes, to all levels of civilized society, are those which foster relevance to equal opportunity for the individual, and a sense of genuine contribution to a collective effort.

What other Sport besides Baseball provides an individual with the opportunity to almost immediately restore himself to his full grandeur by simply getting a good-night’s-sleep, and trying again the next day to make good on a previous day’s logistical misalignment?

The game of Baseball will eventually receive a ‘facelift’ that inevitably will introduce a new paradigm into the minds and hearts of modern baseball enthusiasts. A new story of America’s beloved pastime is at the point of superseding the original model. The beauty and grandeur of a glorious past will soon reinvent itself in a form more suitable to days immemorial.

… a mastery of hitting a baseball had components for which my purely natural tendencies were not compatible. It eventually became obvious that the challenges in facing the professional mounds-man went beyond a batter’s physical stature, or how good he looked in his uniform.

As any individual can make himself a ‘naturally’ good ‘player of the game’ through repetitive practice, he cannot be the ‘best hitter he could be’ unless he somehow attains the scientific understanding of the intricate details supporting the mechanism of swinging the bat properly.

Contemporary Baseball thinking would define the ‘good hitter’ as a batter who waits patiently for a pitcher to make a mistake. Then, he capitalizes on it, and effectively hits the ball with authority at least 2.72 times out of Ten at-bats. To me, there are many ways to be a ‘good’ hitter, but only one way to be a ‘Great’ hitter. The good hitter will wait and hopefully hit the pitcher’s mistake. The great hitter will be able to hit the pitcher’s best pitch.

With all the elements and combinations of variables with which a batter deals, from within and from without himself, the ‘uncertainty principle’ gives compelling testimony that mastering the ‘Rubik’s cube’ of hitting a home run every time is highly improbable. However, the knowledge itself, of such feasibility, enhances the statistical probability of success.

For a player to hit the ball hard every time he swung his bat would certainly be a high accomplishment, but what I did today went beyond what I, or anyone, could have expected of a Baseball player.

Greatness is a humanly exaggerated or a spiritually magnified sense of being. To be extolled with greatness, one must step up above his peers, beyond the casualness of conformity, into the altitude of ‘Uniqueness,’ wherein the atmosphere of Soul the inspiration of life a lesser man cannot inhale.

A leader is always appreciated as one who shines above the rest, with certain magnanimous qualities. But, the atmosphere of godliness wears thin when his human vulnerability displays such unsavory characteristics as ‘hubris’ and other forms of incivility. Lack of collective commitment, to serve only personal aggrandizement, usually renders the highest universal achievement unaffordable. A complete success would have to entail the fruition of the whole.

One who would be a true leader of a team is he whose exemplary physical and mental composition complies with the exact nature of ‘team spirit.’ He would have to be the embodiment of those qualities that would inspire others to appreciate the intrinsic need for compatibility and cooperation, to achieve a collective goal. 

Some will reap immediately where others have already suffered or sown! AND: as it may appear that one’s finest hour might precipitate, at least, a temporary sense of darkness, so also, the darkest hour simply and inevitably precedes the New-Dawn.

Before fully awakening into the realm of present reality, I remembered the conclusion of that Transcending Day, as it highlighted a victorious new beginning for a Team with which my fondest desire would have conspired to be an integral part – Colt 45s 6, Reds 3.

If you are hanging-on from the lowest rung of a suspended ladder, where else would you go but up? But, more than out of shear necessity, you can climb with joy the ‘heights of mind,’ and rest your volatile emotions, or mutable human circumstances, in the tranquil state of a consistently inspired Dream.

In this, my 73rd year, I look back to 1964. If I knew then what I know now, what might have been?”

IF you would like to read the Book in its entirety, you’ll have to wait for it in its completed, Published form.

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