The Good Hitter, and The Great Hitter – Part III

Mastery of Bats-man-ship

Four Degrees (Dimensions) of Competence:

Fourth Degree—Ultimate Dimension

Third Degree—Penultimate Dimension

Second Degree—Scientific Dimension

First Degree—“Phenomenal” Dimension

Definition and Examples of Four Dimensions of Bats-man-ship:

First Degree: Phenomenal Dimension—The manifestation of what appears to be a natural propensity of a physical entity to perform to his/her highest degree of physical competency without the use of supplemental mental facilitation is indicative of a most primitive, single dimensional, fastball-hitting mentality. “Power versus Power” exhibits in a batter a need to gain a forward momentum in order to counteract the otherwise debilitating effect of a pitcher’s blazing fastball. Adapting to “off-speed” pitches entails a dimension of thought that includes a scientific component. A batter, incapable of adapting to any such circumstance, becomes easy prey to the pitcher who can throw a curveball for a strike.michael-jordan 3 Thus, the sudden, or gradual, decline in promise of the physical “phenom”. “Matter and its effects are states of mortal mind which act, react, and then come to a stop.”—Mary B. Eddy (S & H) Many there be that are called, but only a few are chosen from the ranks of the purely “Phenomenal”.

Second Degree: Scientific Dimension—Coalescence of Science with the Art of hitting a baseball begins a confluent Scientific-Artistry that supersedes the antiquated adherence to the superimposed brilliance of the “natural-athlete”. The development and refinement of batting skills began to take shape as individuals became determined to perform at higher and higher standards. When mere strength and “natural-ability” reached the limits of peak performance, conscientious hitters found that “technique” extended their effectiveness and longevity. Certain natural principles began to be applied to the peculiar aspects of the hitting game of “Baseball.”

The power of the swing was not maximized by strength alone, but was more reliant on the principles of “mechanics.” Strength was important and vital, but without proper mechanics, the integrity to optimal performance was undermined. Imagine the faces of disbelief and awe when “tiny,” or scrawny-looking players with the correct mechanics out-hit, and outslugged bigger and stronger players whose mechanics were suspect. EPSON MFP imageJoe Morgan 2Finesse had become, and still is, the main ingredient to precise hitting. “Some thoughts are better than others. A belief in Truth is better than a belief in error, but no mortal testimony is founded on the divine rock.” (Mary Baker Eddy—S&H . . .)

Third Degree: Penultimate Dimension—Highest Human demonstration of the scientifically-artistic display of bats-man-ship does not quite reach the level of perfection for which all batters (consciously and unconsciously) strive in vain. The last man to hit .400 was almost considered a god for what was considered a batting average as close as one can get to perfection, with an efficiency rating that barely exceeded 40%. By attaining a “hit” in only 4 of 10 at-bats, TedWilliamsShortSwing2Ted Williams was unsuccessful more often than he was successful, but still considered (by most) the greatest hitter in Baseball history. His attempts at combining scientific understanding to his prominent physical endowment and artistry were seminal to a new wave of expanding thought, but were in no way conclusive to those who were to behold the first rays of his enlightened approach to hitting a baseball. And because his scientific inquiry did not have the benefit of modern technological scrutiny (video, slow-motion replay), as well as not taking into account every single aspect of the “batting-pitching” condition, he and others gleaned little from his merely intuitive but speculative hypotheses. Technical flaws (although understandable now) prevented his progressive steps to the “gate” and possible entry into the realm of the “Ultimate” dimension. “Among them that are born of woman, none was greater than (Ted Williams) John the Baptist: not withstanding he that is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he.” (Matt. 11:11)

Fourth Degree: Ultimate Dimension—A Spiritual dimension is the fundamental basis from which to build any endearing structure that will ultimately glorify the source as well as the effect of meritorious and magnificent display. The bats-man of the ultimate degree would be capable of hitting the ball squarely every time he swung his bat. Perfect application of a perfect principle probably sounds impossible, improbable, or a product of wildest IMAGINATION. But, “Seek first the kingdom of Heaven (Vortex) and the righteousness therein, and all these things shall be added unto you.”(Matt. 6:33) No mortal has yet demonstrated the competency that would exemplify ultimate bats-man-ship because mortal thought is incapable of comprehending and attracting the probable components necessary to manifest the ultimate bats-man.

End Part III

Coming Soon: Part IV (Final)

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