Proper Body-Mechanics for the “Efficient Thrower” of a Baseball.

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In order to initiate the action of a swinging bat while hitting a baseball in a most proficient manner the batter’s body must first attain a position of optimal balance so that every movement in the commencement of the swing is fluid, fast , strong, and precise. The only way to secure that optimal point of strength and balance is for the batter to attain a low center of gravity, from which his maximum effort will not be denied. Thus the primary Principle for Batting is established!

The real beauty of Baseball is found in the highly “unobserved” fact that One-Principle is responsible for the ultimate grandeur for which the “love of the Game” is predicated, but highly unrecognized by the very populace that fosters its undying love. Batting, “throwing,” fielding, and running are the accouterments displayed at varying levels of accomplishment, but the highest standards of which are expressed only under the strict adherence to fundamental principle:

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The “Efficient Thrower,” whether he be a pitcher, or a fielder, can maximize his efforts only as he initiates the action of his throw from a position of balance that is the focus of a low center of gravity.Yadier 1Nolan Ryan 2 Ichiro 1Furcal 10Masahiro+Tanaka 16


The maximum effort in any throw can only occur if the thrower’s knees are bent to a point that provides the optimum leverage from which a low center-of-gravity can speedily move the entire body forward and turn the twisting, torquing  hips and torso to a frontal position that initiates the action of the shoulder and bent throwing arm to elicit the continued motion that provides velocity and power to the thrown ball. verlander3200px-Nolan_Ryan_17Masahiro-Tanaka 3TANAKA 31Tanaka 20Billy_wagner 9

It surprises me that some throwing instructors who have a good understanding of Throwing/Pitching mechanics do not fully recognize that ultimate power for the throwing mechanism comes from a “low-center-of-gravity,” provided by bent legs.

Movement initiated from “straight-legs” and a “high-center-of-gravity” are always slow in comparison to bent-knees. Just think of 2 individuals of equal size and strength, each holding a 100 lb. bar-bell on the back of his shoulders, and trying to simulate the twisting-turning motion of a “batter,” with his legs, hips, and torso. One is in a “straight-leg” stance (upright), while the other is in a “bent-knee” stance.

Can you imagine which of the two would be more efficient in his movements? Which would be quicker, stronger, and less apt to injure himself? Or, can you imagine two basketball players performing a side-ways, defensive -“shuffle-drill”? One is moving with straight, stiff legs, while the other has bent knees and is lower to the ground. Which one would be more efficient?

Every movement that occurs in Baseball that is initiated from a “low center-of-gravity” has the potential to attain “Maximum Effort and Efficiency”! But, of course, all subsequent action following that strong fundamental basis must be in sync with the continuum of correct mechanical functionality – “You are only as strong as your weakest link”!

Coming Soon: The Art and Science of Throwing a Baseball. Or, Matt Kemp – Padres!

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